DRESS YOUR NEST // Vintage Summer Boho Style

My mom has been on a bit of a minimalism kick lately and has been clearing out a lot of her storage. Almost every time I talk to her she's cleaning out some closet shelf or dresser drawer- it's impressive. It's also been really fun for me and my sisters because she'll have a cleaning spree and then send us a group text with pictures of things she's giving away. It's a bit like an auction, seeing who can claim things the fastest or who's holding out for the big ticket items. The best part is that I now have boxes of beautiful treasures, from actual antiques to shabby chic Home Goods finds, waiting for me to bring home.

My mom's style is very feminine and she has a great eye for charming vintage details, and I think that vibe is just perfect for summer. The natural, more rustic elements feel laid-back and simple while the vintage touches provide romance and a little glamour. Here are some of my favorite finds for incorporating this style into your home decor or your personal wardrobe.



header images: Sarah Mahini | Fausto Puglisi | Veronique Branquinho | Giambattista Valli | Elizabeth and James

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Where do you like the vintage summer boho style best: your home or your wardrobe?


18 Alternative Engagement Rings for the Bride on a Budget

If you read the saga of our wedding planning, you would know that the whole process has been in a sort of limbo for me since I got engaged a year and a half ago. Though I honestly still don't know what path we are going to take, we've made a conscious decision to start planning anyway. I'm hoping the vision (and lots of problem solving) will transpire organically along the way.

Honestly, it's not been easy on me for two main reasons:

1. We are working with a really low budget.

2. What I envision for myself is very alternative compared to most standard wedding fare.

So that is the inspiration behind this new Bride on a Budget series. I'm going to be sharing a couple of times a month what my personal experience has been like as well as give some ideas for people who are looking for some out-of-the-box ideas on a budget.

But before I put the bridal cart before the horse, the first step in the wedding planning process (and so far the only one I've actually accomplished) is getting engaged! But what do you do if you are on the hunt for a ring and you're not much of a Tiffany's princess cut kind of girl? Well, I've rounded up some of my favorite alternative ring selections to suit your fancy, and at under $2000 each, they'll also suit almost any budget!



ila & i  |  kataoka  |  grace lee

Who doesn't love a good vintage style? Colored stones and delicate filigree add an unexpected twist to a traditional- and very romantic- style.



kismet  |  mjm grey  |  mjm gold

If no muss, no fuss is your motto, these cool, modern pieces will be the perfect accent to your everyday wardrobe.



bario neal  |  erica weiner  |  bittersweets ny

Rough stones and nature motifs add a touch of whimsy to the classic engagement ring.



variance  |  lauren wolf  |  sylva & cie

If precious is not your thing, celebrate your inner anarchist with a ring that is just as edgy as the rest of your look.



maria black  |  jennifer meyer  |  ruifier

Honor a love of great design with unexpected colors and geometric shapes.



mirlo  |  blanca monros gomez  |  jennie kwon

And if you don't want to stray too far from tradition, but still want something totally unique, try a ring with one unexpected element, like an unexpected shape or nontraditional stone.


I love the idea of getting something super on-trend and not spending a ton of money, because it gives you freedom to change your mind a few years down the road when you've ditched today's style for the next big craze. And after all, who said you can only have one engagement ring? No one, that's who. ;)


Would you ever dare to sport such a bold engagement ring? Tell me your favorites and whether or not this look is for you in the comments!