DIY NAIL ART | A Pantone Gradient Mani Featuring the Colors of 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity

  A gradient, or ombre, mani is by no means a new idea. I've been pinning them on Pinterest for years, and yet I still hadn't actually tried the process out myself. When I found out the theme for this month's #MonthlyMani was Pantone's Colors of 2016, I realized the time to ombre had inevitable arrived. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to blend the two hues. I think they look so perfectly pretty together and even mimic a cool, pastel sunset.




Luckily, as this was my first time trying out the gradient sponging technique, it turned out to be really easy and now I can't stop looking at the results. So soft, so romantic, and just so darn pretty. Here's how to get the blended effect.


What you need.

-Two nail polish colors. I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in Tickled Pink and Babe Blue. This is not my favorite type/brand of polish, but the price is great and the Pantone colors are spot on!

-Cosmetic sponge. For applying/blending gradient effect.

-Cotton swab and nail polish remover. For clean up.


What you do.

Paint a light base coat.

I used the bottom color of my gradient- the blue- and it worked really well. Let your base coat dry completely before moving on.

Paint the sponge.

Apply the pink and the blue polishes, one on top of the other, so that the polish stripes bump into one another. Make sure the design will cover the width and length of your nail bed.

Lightly sponge/roll onto the nail.

Emphasis on lightly. I was too heavy-handed the first time around and had to start over. You are aiming for light layers here and you can expect to do at least three for full coverage.

Clean up the edges.

Use the cotton swab and the nail polish remover to clean up around cuticle and under the nail.

Apply a top coat and you're done! Simple as that! :)



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Have you used this gradient technique before?


Dress Your Nest | Pantone Colors of 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity

A fashion-meets-interiors celebration of Pantone's colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. The more I take a look at these two hues, the more I'm loving them. To me, they are a perfect blend of uplifting, energizing freshness and peaceful calm. It's basically yoga for your eyeballs.  


rug  |  coat  |  lamp  |  sunglasses  |  bracelet  |  coasters  |  bag  |  toaster  |  pillow  |  skirt  |  shoes  |  chair



Are you loving these colors yet? Would you incorporate them into your home or wardrobe?


Come back tomorrow for a quick and easy Rose Quartz and Serenity gradient mani!



Color Theory 101... Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year

When Pantone announced Marsala as the 2015 Color of the Year the overall reaction was... underwhelming. And you kind of can see why. Looking at the colors of past years, Marsala does seem to be the clear Debbie Downer of the group.


Bright, vivid tones and then...


Wah- Waaaahhh.

The earthy, muted, not-quite-red yet not-quite-brown hue wasn't exactly topping my list of favorites. But something changed as I started making this mood board- I really fell in love.


Suddenly it's gone from meh, not so bad, to starting to look downright beautiful, am I right? At first I wasn't really a fan because I thought Marsala wasn't a very "modern" choice, but taking into consideration fashion's recent 70s obsession, it does seem like a perfect fit.

And Marsala is a gorgeous shade for beauty: it'll make your eye color really pop (especially on blues/greens), it's a really rich and romantic lip color, and it's also a bit of a fresher take on the classic red manicure. It really echoes the makeup shades of the 90s but still manages to seem very au courant, don't you think?

For home decor, it adds depth, richness, and warmth. It also plays really well with others, as you can see in this color mixing report.

What's your vote on Marsala as the Color of the Year? Tell me what you think in the comments!