FRIDAY VIBES // Crafted Denim


Major nostalgic trend alert! Embroidery, appliques, flare pins, patches, even paint- basically anything from your craft closet is taking over the denim world right now. I love this look, not only because it reminds me of my childhood, but also because it offers so many incredible options for adding a boost of personality to an old jean jacket on the cheap. I'm overflowing with DIY inspiration right now!

Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Bliss-and-MischiefFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Painted-Jacket Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Patches-Jeans Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Grlfrnd-JacketFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Painted-DenimFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Patches-Jacket Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Flares-in-FieldFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Marc-Jacobs-JacketFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Gucci-BirdsFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Buttons-Jacket Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Painted-JeansFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Magic-Eye-Jacket Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Grlfrnd-Jeans

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What do you think about crafted denim?



5 Ways to DIY It... Embellished Denim

I got a really great response to the last installment of 5 Ways to DIY It and was so excited to give it a second go! And what's a girl to wear when the weather is still hot but you're itching for fall fashion? The one all-season standard, of course- jeans!

If you saw my Top 10 on Tuesday, you know I've been pretty excited about the Old Navy denim sale, so here I've got 5 different and super-easy ways to take advantage of those awesome prices and upgrade your basic denim into designer-inspired statement jeans.

Let your legs do the talking for a fraction of the price! ;)

Give them a little sparkle with some glue-on rhinestones...



jeans  |  glue  |  gems


...or some shine with metallic fabric paint.



jeans  |  paint  |  brush


For a modern minimalist take, just add some faux-leather panels with glue (or thread)...



jeans  |  glue  |  leather


...or use the same process on some nostalgic patches for both some edge and charm.



jeans  |  glue  |  patches


Or take the basic up a notch with a bright white tuxedo stripe. Just tape off and spray!



jeans  |  paint  |  tape

What do you think? Would you ever DIY your denim?