5 Ways to DIY It... Designer-Inspired Ideas to Up Your Beanie Game

I know it's probably in my best interest to refrain from talking too much about the weather, it being the stereotypical boring topic and all, but Ohio is seriously like a live reenactment of Frozen these days. I've considered changing my profession to human ice sculpture. It at least seems like an easily attainable goal, if not incredibly lucrative. What I'm saying, in rambling fashion, is that it is cold. Really cold. And we all know, just like moms/teachers/camp counselors/weather aficionados everywhere have told us countless times before, the best way to stay warm is to cover up that melon.

I've been loving the beanie craze lately, especially since you can scoop them up for under $10 at places like Topshop, Forever21, and Target.  But if you want to add some personality to your basic beanie, I've got a few quick and easy designer-inspired craft ideas. So go on, girl- get your craft on!


You can add a bow...



beanie  |  needle & thread  |  bow


...or a contrasting pom.



beanie  |  needle & thread  |  pom pom


Or go for the drama with a veil and some pearls.



beanie  |  needle & thread  |  tulle  |  pearls


You can add a row of sparkling gems...



beanie  |  glue  |  gems


...or stamp on some metallic dots for a beanie that shines!



beanie  |  pencil  |  fabric paint


Which one is your favorite?


EyeIt/BuyIt/DiyIt: Festival Girl Fashion

Think summer music festivals are just a bunch of drug-induced hippies in the desert? Well... they are, but they have also become some of fashion's most talked-about events. From Kate Bosworth in Topshop at Coachella to Kate Moss in....well, anything, at Glastonbury, there's no doubt this ultra-cool, dressed up/dressed down style is high fashion. Read on to find out how to incorporate the festival style into your summer wardrobe.

Eye It

The festival girl look is a careful balance: 1 part bohemian wild child, 1 part grunge rocker, and 1 part tribal spirit. Festival standards include crop tops, flat boots, denim cutoffs, band tees, romantic maxi skirts, hipster hats, tribal prints, and loads of accessories. There are no rules when it comes to mixing colors, prints, styles.



Buy It

Rock the trend with these Festival Girl-inspired pieces- 50 under $50!


Funky embellished sunglasses were all over Coachella, like Anna Sophia Robb's Pearl & Rose pair by Mercura NYC.

Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for FIJI

Create your own for about $8 each with this super easy DIY guaranteed to turn some heads at your next outdoor event.


1. Stock up on sunglasses. I got mine from Forever21, which has so many different styles at only $5.80 per pair. Retro shapes like cat-eye, round, and aviator work great for the festival vibe.

2. Gather some found objects for embellishing. Here I used earrings, also from Forever21, that I found on clearance for $2. The pearls and studs I found (also on clearance!) in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby. The scrapbooking embellishments often have flat backs, which makes this project incredibly easy. Buttons, rhinestones, or any old pieces of jewelry would also work great.

3. If using jewelry, remove any extraneous parts with the wire cutters. I expected the earrings to put up a fight, but using the wire cutters is actually very easy and the pieces popped right off.

4. Glue embellishments to the frames. For heavier pieces, like the earrings, it's really necessary to hold in place for up to 2 minutes to make sure they are secure. The scrapbooking pieces, however, were secure in seconds.