FRIDAY VIBES // The Rainbow Connection


Happy National Pride Month! It seems like world news and political opinions, especially here in the US, get progressively more aggressive and tense all the time. While we are in such a weird political space, I'm happy to see support for LGBT rights becoming increasingly more universal. Amidst chaos and tragedy, it seems like a bright beacon of hope that LOVE and PRIDE are also prevailing. As fashion generally expresses the political culture of the times, it's exciting to see so many designers embracing the rainbow trend. Love and color- two things where more is always better!

Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Edie-Parker-Clutch Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Gucci-Platforms Friday-Vibes-Red-Valentino-Dress Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Gucci-Cat Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Lace-Up-Heels Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Mara-Hoffman-Top Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Tsumori-Chisato Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Jeffrey-Campbell-Platforms Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Street-Style Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Mary-Katrantzou-Pullover Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-YRU-Boots Friday-Vibes-Rainbow-Style-Bubble

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If you saw my behind-the-scenes look at our HOWL collection for AFW, you know that I've been loving all things rainbow-colored.

What about you? Would you bring these rainbow bright looks into your wardrobe?


Friday Vibes // Taste the Rainbow


As I was writing this post on my favorite collections from the Milan shows, I realized that I had unintentionally described the colors at Fendi as "eggplant, mustard, and melon," in what might possibly be a record number of food words used in one sentence about clothing. Either I was starving or the produce aisle is really having it's moment on the runway.

Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Cantaloupe Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Citrus Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Turnip Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Eggplant Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Berry-Smoothie Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Grapefruit Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Avacado

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What colors are you hungry for this season?