Friday Vibes // JOMO

Friday-Vibes-JOMO-Anja-Niemi-Bed Have you ever heard of JOMO aka the JOY of missing out? I totally relate to that concept. Especially on Friday nights. No matter how appealing an event is, to me there are simply no plans greater that the ones I have with my sweatpants, a bowl of cereal, and the latest Project Runway. I loved these images by photographer Anja Niemi because they're basically exactly how I feel when Friday nights consist of anything other than the aforementioned trifecta of happiness.

Friday-Vibes-JOMO-Anja-Niemi-Hallway Friday-Vibes-JOMO-Anja-Niemi-Wallflower Friday-Vibes-JOMO-Anja-Niemi-White Friday-Vibes-JOMO-Anja-Niemi-Suitcase Friday-Vibes-JOMO-Anja-Niemi-Mirror Friday-Vibes-JOMO-Anja-Niemi-Blue

What's your idea of a perfect JOMO night?