#MONTHLYMANI | Glam Rock Nail Art with a Simple Cheat


It's the third Tuesday of the month, which means I'm linking up with the ladies from the #MonthlyMani group! This month's theme is metallics, and I have to admit I feel like I cheated a little on this one.


I go through major phases when it comes to metals, and I'm thinking 2016 is the year for copper. I started this mani out with a metallic copper base. I knew I wanted to do something flashy and sort of glam rock, so I cut out a lightning bolt from washi tape and was planning to use it as a stencil.


However (here comes the cheating part), once the blue glitter bolt was on my nail, I really dug it. So, all I did was add a clear top coat and called it a day!


I had never used any kind of foreign object in my diy manis before, but I thought it worked really well. If you're the type of person who would be distracted by the somewhat raised surface, I would recommend using an incredibly thin material, like a foil or lightweight tape instead of the glitter washi tape.

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Have you ever tried a washi tape mani?