That New Blog Smell

If the last time you checked out Style On High was in May, you might be wondering what's going on with all these changes around here! I had a harder time than expected getting my Bloglovin' followers transferred to the new site, so for many of you this might ring very true as this is probably your first post from the newly updated Free Wills Studio. (If this is you, you might want to check out this post on the reasons behind the change.) But today we're strictly talking looks. I wanted this new space to feel cleaner, fresher, and more energized than the old site. This started with a more stripped down theme. I actually won a Blogzilla Studio theme giveaway from Fall For DIY a few months ago. I had been coveting one for the rebrand, so the surprise could not have come at a better time! For anyone in need of a modern web design, I would highly recommend one of the clean and modern designs from Blogzilla (I went with the Velvet theme). I can't tell you what a nice change it has been to be working with a pre-designed template this time around!

As far as colors, fonts, and other design elements, this mood board shows my direction.


There are still several things I need to do, such as reorganizing all my old categories, adding my about page, and updating the sidebar. I plan to have all these things done by the end of the month, so bear with me. But in the meantime, I'm very happy with the update, especially the new smaller, centered titles and clean social media buttons at the end of each post.

What do you all think of the new design? And more importantly, should I make the fonts bigger? Share your design ideas with me in the comments!