The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides! Day 1: The Trendsetter

It'a the most wonderful time of the year!!! 

The annual 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides! Over the next two weeks I'll be sharing his and hers daily gift guides to help you shop for alllllll your loved ones.

Today is all about the the trendsetters. The fashion-forward style risk-takers. The sartorial adventurers. The people in your life that dare to go bold when it comes to personal style.



top  |  sunglasses  |  phone case  |  earrings  |  bag  |  chocolates  |  shoes  |  book  |  eyeshadow  |  cards  |  watch  |  sculpture




sweater  |  bandannas  |  shoelaces  |  cologne  |  cleaning kit  |  bag  |  book  |  headphones  |  travel kit  |  bike  |  watch  |  shoes


I hope you got some great ideas for the fashion-loving friends and family in your life. And if you love The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides as much as I do, make sure you're following along each day. There's a lot more ahead! Look for gift guides for all of the distinct personalities in your world.

Coming up:

The Free Spirit  |  The Techie  |  The Entertainer  |  The Animal Lover  |  The Homebody  |  The Athlete  |  The Old Soul  |  The Artist  |  The Prepster  |  The Music Buff  |  The Party Animal

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Happy shopping, friends! :)