The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Old Soul

Of all the gift guides, I have to say, this one really sings to my soul. I'm a sucker for an antique, a vintage style, a reference to a bygone era. If you're looking for something for the old soul on your list, that person who seems a little more 1916 than 2016, I've got you covered with these vintage-inspired finds.

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Any gal with an old soul can appreciate that velvet has taken over the fashion world as of late. Celebrate her velvet-loving inner Queen Victoria with a mix-and-match choker set, star-embroidered jacket, saffron Clare V. clutch, and smart pair of flocked Mary Janes. A butterfly hand fan, beaded tassel earrings, and a floral fragrance inspired by Monet (in a charming pin cushion bottle to boot) provide the perfect accents for our vintage pal. A hobnail pitcher would add charm to any table, while a dreamy portrait would be a classic touch on the wall. Lastly, Jane Austen classics in the prettiest illustrated covers, a retractable feather pen for those that prefer a note to a tweet, and a stylish engraved domino set make for unique gifts that she's sure to love.

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For the dapper dude who appreciates a classic style, this forest green velvet blazer, wool and leather smartphone gloves, and wingtip boots with a modern sole are sure to impress. Classic-yet-entirely-unique accessories, like a wildflower print silk tie, a nautical signet ring featuring a 16th-century ship in a tattooed style, and a pair of beetle cufflinks evocative of Victorian-era entomology make for great gifts. The impeccably-groomed will love the styling products from Triumph & Disaster and this vintage shaving mirror, which is equal parts rugged and elegant. A "Truth Serum" decanter and Edison cloche lamp are clever takes on vintage decor, while a collection of classic adventure books and a backyard bocce set give leisure some old-world charm.

Are you a vintage lover?


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