The Art of Conquering Fears + This Week's Goals



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You know that girl you went to elementary school with who never seemed afraid of anything? She would kick up to the highest point on the swing set and then just jump off, flying into the mulch? She would have a crush on a boy and, instead of acting like she hated him like everyone else, she would just make him be her boyfriend? You all knew a girl like that, right? Yeah, I've never been that girl.

I'm afraid of so many things. I hate having to speak in front of a crowd. I don't leave my doors unlocked for even a minute. And don't even get me started on being stuck on a bridge during traffic. Hello, Mothman Prophecies, anyone?

Maybe it's the number of emails my mom sent me as a teen with titles like "Top 10 Things that Make you a Target to Kidnappers" or "How to Escape When You've Been Locked in a Trunk," but I've always been very aware of perceived danger. (And by the way, I know the exact information from both of those titles, so thank you, mom, and be warned, attackers.)

But there's a big difference between things that are dangerous and things that only feel dangerous, even if our physical responses are often the exact same. And though I am plagued by a lot of unnecessary fears, I've always tried really hard not to let anything I'm afraid of have any say in my actual choices. But it's always a process. I constantly need to remind myself that some of the things that might be holding me back don't necessarily need to exist. And I know when I choose the scarier option, I always feel so much more confident at the end than by taking the safer route.

So that's my focus this week- to do a few things I've been afraid of- and I challenge you to make it yours, too!


What's one fear that, if you conquered it, your life would improve drastically?

And if you're not ready to start there, what is one tiny fear you could conquer this week?

(Disclaimer: please understand I'm talking about the fear that comes with asking for a raise or going on a blind date. Please don't take up sword swallowing or hitchhiking and blame it on my encouragement.)


And if you really want to be brave, feel free to share a fear you would like to conquer in the comments!


Now onto my goals! As usual, this post is part of The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes series. Head on over if you want to link up your own post and share your goals with the community. Now, for a recap of last week:



+ Taking another stab at posting to Instagram daily and scheduling my meetups - I think I missed one day but still posted way more than usual. Keeping this on the list for this week as well.

+ Get 3 days ahead of blogging schedule (a long-awaited dream I have yet to make reality) - Yeah, no. This goal may or may not be the end of me.

+ Nail down theme, acquire wardrobe, and book venue for an upcoming shoot I’m styling - Done and done! This was a big one so I'm glad to be on top of it.

+ Make needed edits to my latest resume - Yes!

+ Create a website for my dad’s company - Created, yes. Finished, no.

+ Make a dentist appointment (she typed with dismay) - I gave this one a valiant effort. I tell you, Columbus is not an easy place to make healthcare appointments! I should be hearing back from the office I want to go to today. (Side eye emoji.)

+ Tour 3 wedding venues (for me and for an upcoming post!) - Because of Zach's schedule, we only toured one, but it was awesome! Will be seeing several more this week.

+ Start nailing down summer design work - Work in progress. Keeping this on the list.



+ GET THREE DAYS AHEAD OF BLOGGING SCHEDULE! (If I can't get this done this week, so help me, I have no control over my own life.)

+ Tour more wedding venues

+ Apply for summer design work (at least 1 daily)

+ Apply for my dream job (This is definitely a fear for me to conquer. I keep putting it off for the perfect moment but now is the time!)

+ Instagram TWICE daily! (#goals, right?)

+ Work on monthly illustration series

+Finish my dad's website

+ Work on blog makeover


What are some things you're working on this week? And for all you brilliant bloggers, how the heck do you get ahead of schedule?! I feel like Jessie Spano- there's never any time! Share your wisdom with me!