The Best is Yet to Come + My Weekly Goals




You guys, I'll be real honest, I had a rough time last week. I had a handful of things come up, some great and some very upsetting. I was a complete emotional roller coaster. I felt stressed. I felt burnt out. I felt like I couldn't concentrate on anything. I had about a year's worth of crying sessions and I was exhausted every single day. So, honestly, my goals I set for last week barely even crossed my mind. And you know what? Sometimes that's going to happen and I think when you're that "off" the best thing can be to just go ahead and give yourself a pass, so I'm doing exactly that.

One of the great things that happened (thankfully!) was that I got to see my sister and two of our friends this weekend who live out-of-town. Even though I was excited to see them, I had a hard time actually wanting to go because I just could not get out of my funk. And by funk, I mean I was literally crying in the car on the drive over about things completely unrelated. But then instantly, they provided their usual hilarious magic and I snapped out of it in 0.5 seconds. Friends (and sisters) are awesome like that, aren't they?

I was thinking about something on my way home (I'm having very emotional car rides these days)- both of these girls, just a couple of years ago, were handed some of the worst luck of anyone I know. They each separately went through things that a lot of people will never have to deal with in their whole lives and neither had done anything to cause it or deserve it. And yet, here we are now, just a few years down the road, celebrating the upcoming wedding of one (to a hunky, Disney prince of a man, I might add) and the other coming from her actual dream job that she has wanted and worked towards for as long as I've known her.

So I know this is not the best story-telling, in efforts to keep some things private, but the point here is that no matter what you are going through in life, it is all momentary. You know the dozens of Tumblr quotes that are along the lines of "Darkness is needed in order to see the stars"? They're everywhere because they are so true. Every time I've been through something that I've felt like I just couldn't take, times it physically hurt to breathe, I've stumbled my way right on through it anyway and ending up growing from it. And in case you're feeling like that now, like you hurt so bad you don't know how you're going to go on, I just wanted to send this message: try and have faith that this too shall pass. Just keep trying your best and, when you can, look for any teeny tiny excuse to feel some joy or peace and really, really appreciate those moments. Even though you can't see it yet, you will heal, you will reach the other side of the pain, and one day everything will feel bright again.

Plus, you never know, that dark road might be leading the way to your dream job and a Disney prince. ;)




As for my goals-setting, I'm literally not even going to look at last week's goals. I got some done, kind of on accident, and the one's that absolutely must be done are like flashing neon lights in my head. I will get to them, but as for now, I've got a pretty busy week coming up, so whenever I can I'm only focusing on two things: working on the blog (and the plans I have for it coming soon) and doing something every day just to feel happy. This may be a new book, a walk by myself, ice cream with friends, whatever. Just something that I don't "need" but at the same time really, really need right now.

What are your goals this week?


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