The Ultimate Fall Style Muse: Ali MacGraw in "Love Story"

I very clearly remember seeing Love Story for the first time because I had just moved to Columbus to start at OSU and didn't know a soul. My apartment didn't have cable or internet for like a week, so not only was I alone, but my only distraction was a book of old DVDs I had borrowed. And maybe it was going to campus or how beautiful Columbus is during the fall months, but something about that movie and that time in my life really clicked and made a huge impact on me. Not to mention that Ali MacGraw's wardrobe is the most quintessentially "fall" look to ever grace the big screen. And while her style in the film is classic, it's also never been more on-trend than this season. Pieces like varsity sweaters, loafers, and even the artist formerly known as the turtleneck, are back and better than ever. Here, my take on preppy, collegiate fashion...




sweater  |  glasses  |  pants  |  hair gloss  |  illuminator  |  earrings  |  shoes  |  bag


Aren't those pieces luxe-looking? Can you believe everything, even the shoes and bag, are under $100?! Same thing in this next look, but this time with a little color...



turtleneck  |  top  |  hat  |  scarf  |  brow kit  |  tights  |  skirt  |  boots


I'd love to ask what you think of these back-to-school looks, but the more pressing issue here is this: do you agree with me that the movie's tagline (love means never having to say you're sorry) is the dumbest line in movie history? Let's talk about this (and about how much our significant others have to apologize) in the comments section. ;)