Three Ways to Wear it...Band T-Shirt

If I could only wear one shirt for the rest of my life it would be, without a doubt, a vintage band t-shirt. I mean, if I'm telling the truth, I probably do wear one about three times a week. I wear them to any and everything. Just this week alone, I wore one with a cardigan, skinny jeans, chucks, and a big jewel statement necklace for work. I also wore one with a blazer, a chunky gold chain, velvet pants, and gold heels to a cocktail party. And I'm currently wearing one now with sweatpants while lounging at home. So long story short, I love them. But I'm telling you this because I think you should love them, too. A band tee, or really any graphic tee, is super-versatile and definitely the most comfortable option at all times. And I love the fact that no matter how dressy an outfit or how big the jewelry, a cool t-shirt not only still magically works, but it ensures that the look overall is cool. It gives it a nonchalant "I just threw this together" vibe, which is never a bad thing. Plus, guys LOVE when they see a girl in a t-shirt with their favorite band, team, superhero... you get it. Perfect conversation starter.

Still not sold? Check out the three looks below for some more ideas on how to rock my favorite wardrobe staple...



get the t-shirt

look 1: earrings | shirt | cardigan | clutch | skirt | boots

look 2: pink necklace | gold necklace | jacket | bag | jeans | shoes

look 3: earrings | jacket | bag | skirt | shoes

Which one is your favorite look? Let's talk about it in the comments!