Top 10 Last-Minute Costume Ideas Using Your Favorite LBD

So you need a costume for tomorrow and you've got absolutely no ideas? Don't fret! I've created my Top 10 Last-Minute Costume Ideas using your favorite little black dress to help you create the perfect spur-of-the-moment Halloween getup to knock everyone's pumpkin-themed socks off! You already have it in your closet, and hopefully you look and feel great in it, so why not use it to your advantage? Check out these ideas below (all of which use this dress from Love Ady) to see how all you need is the right foundation piece and some creative accessorizing to knock 'em dead (pun intended) this Halloween!...


Liz: stockings | shoes | necklace | ringfur | lipstick | earrings

Daria: backpackboots | blazer | top | glasses


Betty: shoes | bagstockings | bangles | earringslipstick | wig

Anna: sunglasses | wig | coatboots | bag | necklace


Holly: bagnecklace | sunglasses | shoes | eyelinerearrings | scarf | glovescigarette holder | tiara

Debbie: wigring | boots | stockings | eyeliner | lipstick | earrings | belt | bag


Minnie: shoesbowscollarbelt | baggloves | headband

Adele: bagbumpitsteasing comb | hairsprayshoes | nailstop | earrings


 Wednesday: shoessockstoplipstickpowder | earringsbows

Coco: bagshoes | jacketnecklacehat | earrings

So I know I usually reserve my Top 10's for Top 10 Tuesday, but I just couldn't resist sharing this with you guys today! I love how many options there are with just this one versatile piece. And, with the exception of maybe the more risqué stockings, all of these looks are perfectly appropriate for workplace celebrations or trick-or-treating. In fact, I've even inspired myself through creating this list and think I might now use my favorite black dress and go as Adele tomorrow! What about you? Will you be dressing up for any festivities Thursday? Would you ever wear any of the LBD ideas yourself?