Top 10... Swimsuit Trends for Every Body Type

Top 10...Thursday night? I usually do these posts on Tuesday but, honestly, I'm just still playing catch up from the crazy sleepless past few weeks I've had. So bear with me. Regularly scheduled programming should be restored by next week. :) And in the meantime, I'm pretty excited about this Top 10. Not because I love swimsuits. Oh no, I far from love swimsuits. But I do love the direction swimwear design has been taking. Right around the time of the midriff-loving millennium, there used to generally just be two choices: a skimpy bikini or an athletic-style one-piece. And both of those looks really require a near perfect body to pull off. And actually, an athletic-style one-piece is probably even harder to pull off than the triangles of fabric behind door number two. Tankinis started growing in popularity around this time, but they were pretty much the same shape as the one-piece, with a scoop neck and no chest support. Another less-than-desirable option.

And this is why I think the newest trends in swimwear are something to really rejoice over. Because no matter what your body "issues" might be, I guarantee there is something out there for you. Have a great hour-glass shape, but it comes with a little pooch? No problem! High-waisted retro-style bikinis will suck you in will still showing your figure! Want the modesty of a one-piece but with high-fashion edge? Cut-outs show just the right amount of skin and are majorly on trend! And pick one with a high cut leg and all of the sudden your legs look several inches longer! I mean, even rashies (those sleeved cover-ups seen on surfer girls everywhere) are having a major fashion moment. So whether it's for modesty, skin protection, or just plain covering up- you've even got a full-on shirt as a stylish option!

So there's really no reason to hide from the daunting task of swimsuit shopping anymore. I say pick your favorite features (because, no matter what you might think, you've definitely got at least 2 great ones), and find the style that flaunts them the most! Here are some of my favorites...


1  a  b  |  2  a  b  |  3  a  b  |  4  a  b  |  5  a  b


 6  a  b  |  7  a  b  |  8  a  b  |  9  a  b  |  10  a  b

What's your take on the whole fashion-in-swimwear movement?

Bring on the peplums! or Give me back my triangles!

Let me hear your vote in the comments section! And feel free to air out your swimwear qualms as well. Let's tackle this together! :)