Top 10 Tuesday...Collegiate Prep

So today is pretty big day in my immediate family as my best bud, my nephew, and our "next-generation" first-born, begins his first day of preschool (cue full house heart-to-heart music and tears). It's crazy to see how fast he is growing up, though I guess if I really think about it he has been pretty grown-up since he could speak. As a toddler, he built architecturally impressive "habitats" for his animals and he can easily list which 6-syllable dinosaurs are from which 6-syllable eras. He even told me about symbiosis one day, ending his definition with "would you like some examples?" At 3-years-old! So, needless to say, preschool will be a breeze for him, but this has been a hot topic for us these last few weeks because he has been a little nervous for his first day of school. Always one to impress with his level of thoughtfulness, he told his mom last night that he wanted to make sure he "looked his best" for his big day. First of all...adorable. Second of all...I hear ya, buddy! It is important to look your best for the new school year. It sets a tone and gives you the confidence to reach out to make new friends. And I don't think this feeling ever really goes away. Whether you're starting you're freshman year of college or you can barely remember those days, that feeling of needing to "look our best" this time of year sticks around. So to celebrate my favorite little guy, this week's Top 10 is all about collegiate back-to-school style! These traditional preppy pieces will add a smart update to your fall wardrobe and help you start the season on the right note! And, because a smart look requires smart spending, all are under $100!...  


from top left: sweatshirt dress | watch | backpack | scarf | ring | glasses | ipad folio | skirt | blazer | shoes