Top 10 Tuesday... Come On Barbie, Let's Go Party

Have you met Barbie Lagerfeld?


This limited-edition doll will be released this fall by Mattel Inc. in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld as part of the Barbie Collector Series.

The doll is dressed according to the designer's iconic "uniform": tailored black jacket, high-collared white shirt, and skinny black jeans. But the accessories- a wide necktie, dark sunglasses, black ankle boots, and, of course, the tiniest pair of fingerless gloves- are what really makes this a special Barbie moment.

And in celebration of the world's most famous doll (who turns 55 this year!) mimicking the world's most famous fashion designer, today's Top 10 takes a look at some of my favorite Barbie fashion moments through the years...


1 THE original Barbie, which came out in 1959 and cost $3. This graphic swimsuit also helped Barbie land her man in 1961. | 2 I had to include this 1971 "Live Action" Barbie for her killer fringe, Marsha Brady hair, and for just simply being the most 1971ish thing ever.



3 How gorge is this 1980 look? A little Cleopatra, a little Dynasty- plus, it would totally work on the red carpet right now. | 4 And it would just be wrong to make this list without featuring a Bob Mackie Collector's Edition look. This glitzy gold number from 1990 is a perfect representation of the designer, who is known for designing for sequined celebs like Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, and Cher.



5 I can't remember who was the official owner, but I know my sisters and I had this early 90s Totally Hair Barbie in my house growing up (and we definitely chopped off her hair). I'm totally nostalgic for her 90210-era style and I'm apparently not alone- this style is the biggest seller in Barbie history. | 6 This 2002 Barbie is from the year I graduated high school, which explains (though not excuses) my denim-on-sequined-denim senior pictures. What can I say? My style is classic. ;)



7 I love that this early 2000s doll is "Presidential Candidate Barbie" and not "First Lady Barbie." Even if she appears to be 23 and has major thigh gap, it's at least a step in the right direction and a strong message for little girls. | 8 If I were on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and this picture came up prompting me to name the designer and year, I would be Scrooge McDucking so hard right now. Nothing has ever been more Versace or more 2004.



9 I love this 45th Anniversary Barbie designed by Robert Best for being inherently modern and also calling on classic Barbie features, like the cat eye and the Marilyn-esque accessories. | 10 And finally, what might be the most amazing Barbie in history, this Zac Posen design circa 2006. She has the most gorgeous hair and face, the biggest skirt in the world, and killer accessories, including a designer bag, snake arm cuff, and a mini Zac! Love it.


It was really hard for me to choose these because Barbie and I go way back. I don't remember exactly what my allowance was or what the cost of a Barbie was when I was little, but I know that they were the same and that I basically just got to pick one out each week as my allowance. And to my 5-year-old self, that was just perfect.

If you liked this post, you'll love the abundance of images and facts on Latest Wrinkle, who basically did the legwork for me here.


Were a Barbie girl when you were younger? Did you have a favorite? Let's reminisce in the comments!