Top 10 Tuesday... Dresses and Sneakers

Something miraculous has happened in the fashion world the past few seasons: sneakers are topping designer heels as the shoes of choice. And feet everywhere are reaping the rewards. From classic Keds to neon Nikes, sneakers are the absolute coolest excuse to give your precious extremities a break from the heels. And I'm not talking about wearing them with jeans and a tee. No, in fact, the chicest way to rock athletic shoes is with a less expected option, such as a suit, a full skirt, or my favorite: an equally cute and comfy dress. Not sure about the dress and sneaker combo? Well check out some of my favorite pairings below for some ideas on how you can try the trend no matter what your style.


1  |  dress  |  sunglasses  |  clutch  |  sneakers

2  |  headscarf  |  sneakers  |  dress  |  shirt

3  |  bag  |  dress  |  watch  |  sneakers

 |  bracelet  |  bag  |  sneakers  |  dress

5  |  dress  |  necklace  |  bag  |  sneakers

6  |  vest  |  sneakers  |  dress  |  bag

 |  dress  |  necklace  |  bag  |  sneakers

8  |  earrings  |  bag  |  sneakers  |  dress

 |  bag  |  dress  |  sunglasses  |  sneakers

10  |  cuffs  |  bag  |  sneakers  |  dress

I'm dying to buy/wear some version of  #1 and #8.

Would you wear the dress with sneaker combo?

Tell me how you'd sport this look (pun unintended, but enjoyed) in the comments section! And feel free to add picture links!