Top 10 Tuesday... Hot Guys with Long Hair

My fiancé hasn't had a haircut in over 6 months. He didn't start with intentions of long hair, but rather just kind of procrastinated getting his necessary trim and the mission quickly snowballed. As it grew longer and longer (he can now put it in a ponytail), it's become somewhat of a challenge for him and he's not planning on turning back to the short side anytime soon.

Blame it on my adorable childhood...


...but whether we're talking the brushed-back B. Coop waves or the full Manpunzel that is Jared Leto, I'm pretty pro-hairiness when it comes to the male species. Still, in regards to the yancé, long or short, one glaring fact remains: the man needs a haircut. So while I spent my day looking up pics of the hottest male quaffs around for haircut inspo, I reached a point where I thought, this is just selfish- these babies need to be shared!

So grab a glass of wine and enjoy, ladies (or fabulous fellas). This Top 10 Tuesday is for you. ;)


 What do you all think? Would you head down the aisle towards a man who may or may not have gotten a blowout? If the answer's a resounding yes, who would you add to this list of man manes? Give me your thoughts on this hairy topic (see what I did there?) in the comments!