Top 10 Tuesday... I'll Never Let Go!

Looking forward to a new year in fashion and, inevitably, new trends to become obsessed with can be bittersweet. I'm excited for some fresh new looks but there is still a whole list of trends from 2013 of which I'm not quite ready to let go. A Top 10 list, to be exact.

2014, pry these from my cold, lifeless hands...


1.  a  b  c  |  2.  d  e  f  |  3.  g  h  i  |  4.  j  k  |  5.  l  m  n  |  6.  o  p  q  |  7.  r  s  t  |  8.  u  v  |  9.  w  x  |  10.  y  z  aa

 What's your vote? Should these trends stay or are you ready to see them retire?