Top 10 Tuesday... Loooooove Edition

For a day dedicated to love, Valentine's Day is a pretty polarizing topic. Maybe you decorate your desk and bring heart cookies to the office or maybe you watch slasher movies and rue the day your ex was born. To each his/her own. But I don't care if you are a Valentine's Day lover or hater there is one indisputable, basic scientific fact in this world, and that is that hearts are awesome. And so are lips, for that matter. And the thing I love about both of these design motifs is that you can't argue that they won't work into your wardrobe, because they can run the gamut from ladylike to edgy. But don't just take my word for it, ask Diane, or Markus, or Sonia.

So since it's never been more in style, I say show your Valentine's pride this year and wear your heart on your sleeve. Or dangling from your ears. Or on your fingernails. Just please, not all at once. Even though with this week's Top 10, which are all under $50(!), it might be hard to pick just one...


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So now that you've got ideas for adding a little something festive to your Valentine's Day look, let's get down to the real deal- the gifts and the plans! Check back in with me tomorrow for some awesome local ideas on both!

What's your vote on Valentine's Day? Hash it out in the comments!