Top 10 Tuesday: Old Navy + Shoe Cult

Today is indeed wrapping up but I wanted to squeeze in this post for Top 10 Tuesday because there are two things in the shopping world that I'm really excited about this week and wanted to share... 1. Old Navy's denim sale. Fancy denim brands have never been too appealing to me because I love, love, LOVE my Old Navy jeans. I can get the straighter fit and longer hem length that I need without special ordering, and season after season, without fail, I can order my size in whatever new styles have come out and they always fit the same. And as great as those points are, we all know the real deal-sealer here is the price. While they are always priced low, right now you get some super-stylish pairs for as low as $19! I've got my eye on the Rockstar Zip Pocket Super Skinny Jeans (#9)- with moto-style knee seams and a charcoal wash, they're a total steal at $34.

2. Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal. Nasty Gal is one of my favorite brands- super-trendy with a distinct style and totally reasonable prices- but I don't actually shop there because a lot of the styles are too young/edgy/unrealistic for my actual life. Cue Shoe Cult, the brand's own shoe label, for the perfect way to incorporate some major statement-making style into your look without feeling or looking like you raided Miley's closet. I'm LOVING the styles below, all of which come in under $100!



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Which budget duo are you feeling?