Top 10 Tuesday... Stylish Planners

When it comes to planning my day, I like to keep up with the latest upcoming technologies of '14. And by that, I mean 1914, when ink and paper ruled the world. There's something about having that tangible book in your hand, in its crisp and beautiful glory, that no gadget can beat. I like them so much that it's become part of my holiday routine to get one immediately after Christmas, the second they're marked 50% off! If you also like to plan your life in Victorian fashion, you'll love this week's Top 10 list of stylish designer planners to keep you looking chic while keeping you organized!...



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 I can't wait to dig in to my new planner and kick off 2014 right! This year I have several resolutions I'm making and hoping to make lots of positive changes in my life! If you're also in a resolution state of mind, then make sure to check out tomorrow's post, because I've got a great guest blogger lined up to give her best tips on how to make the right kind of healthy resolutions!

Oh, and obviously have the best night ever tonight! Happy New Year!! Xx