Trending in Beauty...DIY Oil Spill Manicure

If you read my Weekly Roundup, you know how much I'm loving the oil slick trend right now, so I was really excited to try my hand at this edgy nail art seen at the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2013 runway show.

photo credit: Harper's Bazaar

After checking in with some of my favorite blogs, I found this awesome oil spill nail tutorial at beautyeditor, here, and gave it a shot....


I am so happy with the end result! And the best thing about this manicure is that it's super easy because you are essentially "messing up" your nail polish on purpose! Even though several nail polishes are required (dark grey, silver, turquoise, navy, and purple- all metallic), it only takes a few easy steps, as shown in the picture above. Here they are:

1. Start with a base coat, then add one coat of dark metallic grey to the entire nail.

2. Once that's dry, add a couple of dabs of each of the colors. (You need to move quickly so the polish won't dry, so it's best to work one nail at a time, leaving all the caps unscrewed for quick access.)

3. Use a clear top coat to swirl the colors around. (This will contaminate your top coat somewhat with polish, so I would recommend either using an inexpensive one or keeping a paper towel nearby to wipe off the top coat after each use. Mine ended up with the slightest blue tinge, but it wasn't ruined.)

4. Clean up the excess polish around the nail and allow to dry for about 20 minutes (it's really thick!). Then apply final layer of top coat.

So I'm really loving this new nail polish trend! I think I want to try it again- I want to do a version with golds instead of silvers and one with a maroon/purple/navy palette. If you need more detailed instructions or want to see another take on the look, I would definitely recommend checking out the inspiration post at beautyeditor .

What do you think of the DIY Oil Spill Manicure? Yes or mess? Tell me your vote in the comments section!