Trending in Beauty: Glitter in her Eyes

After a glitter-filled evening of awesomeness at last night's Ke$ha concert, I can't help but feel inspired by the over-the-top, glittered-out, tongue-in-cheek trashiness of it all. And apparently the fashion gods agree, as a more-is-more approach to glitter has been fully embraced this season.

Check out the beauty looks on Chanel's fall '13 models, who had large chunks of silver glitter hand-glued to their lids and lashes...


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Note I said check out, not try out, because this is not a realistic everyday look, unless maybe you have a futuristic-themed party/disco-night event/drag performance/Ke$ha concert to attend, in which case bring on the glue! But in general, large glued-on chunks of glitter are way too distracting, not to mention uncomfortable and heavy, to wear for much else. Enter the scaled down and wearable alternative that is glitter-infused makeup. At first, I was skeptical to accept that sparkles are a good look on anyone past the age of 15, but as I glittered up my eyelids for the concert (I mean, I was pretty much obligated to, right?), I found myself converting. I not only felt the glee of reliving my 24/7 glitter-filled teenage years (it was pretty much required during the millennium era), but I also thought it was actually quite flattering. Done in the right way, it brightens you up and literally makes you sparkle- which is never a bad thing. :)

I think there are couple of things to remember with this trend to keep you feeling less like a raver and more like a grownup:

1. Stick to one glittered focal point. Sparkly eyelids, for example, look great with nude shades on the cheeks and lips. Whatever your look, keep the rest of the face neutral and subtle.

2. Unless you're attending one of the aforementioned events, this glitter equation generally applies: finer glitter=more wearable. Save the chunks for the next millennium.

3. Glitter in natural metallic colors, from platinum to copper, look more subtle than, say, bright blue.

The exception to these rules is that if actually are under 15, and then I fully recommend wearing the chunkiest blue/green glitter you can find! Take advantage of the fact that your youth means you can literally get away with anything. Sparkle your young little heart out!

And for the rest of us, here are a few awesome glitter-filled products to make you shine!


clockwise from top left: mascara| lipstick | glitter lashes | liner | crayon | polish | shadow

Which celebrity do you think has the coolest style? Maybe they'll be the next featured! Let me know in the comments!