Weekend Reading Vol. 18

Happy weekend, pals! I'm having a busy one with all the Highball activities and fittings going on. That's also why I've been posting a little lighter than usual over the past few weeks. I feel like a broken record saying this, but this girl is busy!! I really appreciate you all who are hanging in there with me during my most hectic time. A better posting schedule will resume soon.

In the meantime, let's bask in the glory of these people who are nailing the internet. Please enjoy my favorite links of the week!...

1  Sometimes the simplest DIYs are the best. I absolutely love this mullet hemline for fall because it shows off your boots but it still creates an elongating line for the leg. (Honestly WTF)  |  2  This apple crumble recipe has so much to offer: it's relatively simple, naturally flourless, and just perfect for this time of year. Sign me up! (Zanita)


3  These painted thrift store baskets are such a clever (and inexpensive) way to add major visual impact to your home. (Alisa Burke)  |  4  I loved this behind-the-scenes look at how Anine Bing boots are made. I can't wait for more from this series! (Who What Wear)


5  I did this eyebrow massage the other day and it was like the clouds parted to reveal a shining sinus-headache-free slice of heaven. Plus, just how calming and gorgeous is this woman? (Into the Gloss)

Some more to love...

The oven mitts! The Jessica Simpson glitter lotion! This 10 Weird Things About Twilight list is hilariously accurate. (Man Repeller)

IKEA is nailing holiday decor. (Poppytalk)

This gave me chills. (YouTube)

A cool new Fossil x Design Love Fest collab: #Callingallcurious. (Design Love Fest)

Target's first ever male plus-size model. (Who What Wear)

A fully-illustrated Harry Potter book for kids. (Amazon)

And these shoes! (ASOS)


What was your favorite link this week?