Weekend Reading Vol. 19

Happy Halloween(ers), friends!  <----  (I am both ashamed and proud of that greeting.)

I hope you're all having a fun and festive weekend! I'm loving how cozy and very "fall" it is around here. It makes me want to curl up with a good book. Or maybe just some great links. ;)

Oh, you too? Perfect! Here goes nothing...


1  Aren't these mermaid plush dolls just the cutest?! I kind of want to make a bunch of tiny ones and have a whole little mermaid Christmas tree. (A Beautiful Mess)  |  2  In my opinion, this editorial is just a perfect representation of fall fashion. So beautiful, so rich, so romantic... I just love it. (Visual Optimism)


3  These paleo pumpkin muffins look so good and simple enough even for the baking impaired. So me. That's what I'm getting at here. (Pop Sugar)  |  4  I was kind of mesmerized by the animation in this Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated short film, I Met the Walrus. It's set to an audio recorded meeting with John Lennon from 1969 and it's pretty fascinating. (The Atlantic)


5  My personal celebrity icon, Drew Barrymore, on aging, beauty, and just being wonderful.


Plus, don't miss out on these bad boys...

Some quick thoughts on feminism with Lena Dunham.

The science of happiness.

Screw finding your passion.

Six lists you need for productivity.

I love this crazy coat.

And these sunglasses (especially in the cream/turquoise).

Um, yeah, the eternal tween inside of me is probably going to need this pin.


What were your favorite links this week?