Weekend Reading Vol. 20

Happy Saturday! Are you all ready for some links? Because I've got some great ones!

Settle in for my favorite internet finds this week...

1  I've seen this flower chandelier tutorial a lot this week, but for good reason: it's amazing! What a show stopper this would be at a dinner party/baby shower/or just basically anything in life. (We Are Scout)  |  2  These flourless hot cocoa cookies look like absolute heaven to me. If I don't have one of these in each hand on Christmas day I have really failed at life. (Style Me Pretty)


3  I really have a thing for both non-traditional holiday decor and advent calendars. This cute DIY is both of those things. Maybe I'll make one for my niece and nephew... (Oh Happy Day)  |  4  I love this Tumblr account for random ideas, strategies, and new perspectives when you need them. (Steal Strategies)


5  I thought this video was equal parts sweet and powerful. "Don't sneak" should probably be everyone's motto for everything.


A few more favorites...

Major interior inspiration.

Our planet is rad.

Great news for wallpaper.

Loved these ideas for easy apartment upgrades.

Holiday table settings, four ways.

Ridiculously good news.

"It should be a hell yes."- loved this post.

Room goals.

And finally, the best combination of two things possibly ever. And they can be shipped to your house!!! These change everything.


What links did you love this week?