Weekend Reading Vol. 23

Hi old friends! It's been quite a while since I've posted my weekly link roundup but it's been for a pretty good reason! I very excitedly got a call in late November to work wardrobe on the film, Tiger, shooting in Cincinnati. The good news? It would be my first experience on a "real" Hollywood film set. The bad news? It required me working over 100 miles from home for several weeks and started the very next day!

So I very quickly packed up and shipped out! Working on the set was such a cool experience. I worked round the clock the entire time I was there, so as is life, I took very few bad phone pictures, but just to give a little peak, here are the few moments I was able to capture for Instagram...

Excited to see Mickey duke it out on set today! #tiger

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A little #bts from Mickey Rourke's first day on set. Everyone was so excited to see him that day, it really kept us all on our toes!


It's Ranjit! ?? #himym #tiger #marshallmanesh #hesthecoolest #bestbuds #cincy

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I was SSSOOOO excited to meet Marshall Manesh, aka Ranjit from How I Met Your Mother. He always brought the entertainment into the wardrobe department. I even got to eat lunch with him one day. So, yeah, we're pretty much best friends. ;)



A little pic from wrap day. I was a big ball of emotions that day. I really loved the wardrobe crew on this film and am already missing them now that I'm back in Columbus.



And a previously unpublished pic I took at the wrap party with the film's stars, Prem Singh and Janel Parrish (You guys, it's Mona!!), with my wardrobe pal, Red.  I really appreciated how easy the actors were to be around. They ate meals with the crew and were always friendly and positive. That really helped make the whole vibe on set feel very down-to-earth and familial.


So that's what I've been up to for the past month! And meanwhile, the internet has been pumping out so many share-worthy links. Here are a few of my faves as of late...

1  I found this feature, a look into the embroideries of artist Liz Payne, to be so inspiring. The colors, the textures, the movement- it's all so incredible! (Brown Paper Bag)  |  2  Also inspiring: this interview with the fashion blogger behind Accidental Icon. She's just so dang cool. (Who What Wear)


3  Can you ever have enough sparkle? If you answered no, 1. You are correct. 2. You will love these fun sparkling holiday outfit ideas. They literally made me gasp because I love them so much. (Studio DIY)  |  4  I love a good unexpected/non-traditional holiday decoration. This DIY wood bead garland, which I think looks like a vintage necklace, somehow manages to be both casually unfussy and give a super elegant vibe. The perfect combo! (DesignLoveFest) PS: you've also got to check out their DIY floral tree. #2016goals


5  Would you like an excuse to blissfully kill an hour? Check out these most fashionable music videos by decade. (Who What Wear)

This one goes out to my mom... ;)

More things on my radar...

This Austin Kleon poem hits home.

A Wes Anderson Christmas.

Loving this adorable nutcracker DIY.

These Fluffernutter Ritz cookies would be a hit a kid's party.

This sorbet and this popcorn would make for a perfectly indulgent midnight snack on Christmas Eve.

Loving the shapes on these barrettes...

...and this eyeliner- so cool!

The introvert's guide to holiday house guests.

An awesomely colorful church-turned-skate park.

A gorgeous idea for gift wrapping.

Tell Santa I'd like these Cher Horowitz-esque boots and this festive tee.

And, lastly, my favorite look of the week. Perfect casual/cool.


What are your favorites this week?