Weekend Reading Vol. 9

A few of my favorite internet finds this week...

1  I've been wanting to make a DIY neon light sign FOREVER and this project actually seems simple and affordable. (I Spy DIY)  |  2  Can you believe these are paintings?! This artist just totally knocks my socks off. (Kurt Pio)


3  This dresser makeover has been making me dream of painting everything high gloss navy. (The Jungalow)  |  4  Nothing says #hairgoals quite like this super cool half-up style, complete with instructions for recreating. (Olivia Palermo)


5  Just watch, listen, and prepare your breath to be taken away...

Was that not heavenly?


And don't miss these...

So cool- lipstick eyeliner.

Plus, some solid beauty tips you might not have heard of yet.

How reading does a body good.

The four kinds of introverts.

The decluttering bible, summarized for your convenience.

Did you know there is an auction going on of the props from Mad Men?

I want these shoes.

And, finally, the overall coolness of Dallas Clayton.


What links did you love this week?