Weekly Roundup 30/52

Hi pals! You know how moving is one of life's biggest stressors? Well, did I mention that our moving day is the same day as our photoshoot with The Columbus Book Project? And it's all happening this week?! Yeah, I'm insane and so is my schedule right now. I think my brain needs a break. It's a good thing I've got all these links! Let's all take a moment and enjoy what the internet has to offer. Shall we...?

1  I'm so excited for my blogger friend, Lily, whose jewelry line, Eli & Barry, was featured in this gorgeous editorial for Blum magazine. Way to go, girrrrrl! (Lily Schlosser)  |  2  How pretty are these DIY hand-painted baskets?! There are tutorials for both sewing and painting them yourself. Major craft goals! (Honestly WTF)


3  I couldn't be a bigger fan of Gucci Garden, and this pretty DIY is a great way to get the look without having to sell your vital organs. (Love Maegan)  |  4  Another super helpful contouring lesson from my all-time favorite beauty blogger, Cara. This one is for a long, thin nose, but really the whole series is golden. (Maskcara)


5  M.I.A.'s album, A.I.M., which is dropping September 9th, will apparently be her last. I hate this news but at least the video for the first single, Go Off, is the bomb (see what I did? haha).

Want some more?

I, too, am fascinated with these pleats.

Loving the ballet collection from Zara.

For you total Betty's, Clueless fashion for real life.

Obviously Zach and I need a pair of these DIY bookends for our new home.

I'm crazy about the furniture in this home.

Speaking of furniture, how great is the hot pink pop on these chairs?

And speaking of chairs, proof that mismatched can be perfection.

Plus, my pick for site of the week, Two Penny Blue. Every time a blazer is purchased on this site, they donate a school uniform to a girl in need in Africa. Check them out, or enter this giveaway on Elements of Style to score a free one yourself!

What links are you loving this week?