Weekly Roundup 11/52

This week's links roundup began with me accidentally deleting my entire folder containing the bookmarked posts I was planning on sharing. Don't ever delete your bookmarks friends. There is no CTRL+Z option when it comes to Chrome. So that was fun to recover, and it's why this post is coming in so late this week.

With that said, I'm ready for a break and I bet you are, too. You might as well put off adult responsibilities and enjoy my favorite finds of the interweb lately.


1  Kelly's weekly post of her workday outfits is always one of my favorites. Her colorful, creative wardrobe is so inspiring! (Studio DIY)  |  2  Speaking of inspiration, these illustrations of fashion week make my heart flutter. Also, I just followed all of these illustrators on Instagram. (Vogue)


3  Can you believe this chic throw pillow was made with pom poms and felt glue? (Almost Makes Perfect)  |  4  This post, about a widow's home makeover, brought tears to my eyes. (A Cup of Joe)


5  I found this cover of Blue Monday on 1930s instruments mesmerizing.

Want some more?

Life lessons from a 90-year-old.

Maximizing productivity.

I'm working on this and it is sssooo hard.

I think this line is really cool.

Why your closet doors need ceiling medallions.

Crushing on black ceilings and painted brick.

The cutest barrette.

This gorgeous cake.

And the sweetest little tattoo.


What links did you love this week?