Weekly Roundup 12/52

Hi pals! I've had a pretty exciting week creatively. My design partner, Shiree, and I attended a model casting for our collection for Columbus' Alternative Fashion Week. We also started creating our first look and, if I do say so myself, it's already looking pretty gorgeous! I'm so excited to keep working on this collection and I'll be sharing some sneak peak photos with you as it progresses!

While we've been cutting/shredding/dying this week, others have been creating some internet gems. Here are a few of my favorites as of late. Enjoy!

1  I'm a big paper product fiend and was so impressed with this DIY Rainbow Stationery. The bright colors make it so much fun while the sharp lines make it really chic. (Studio DIY)  |  2  I'm fascinated with the giant brushstroke paintings by artist Donald Martiny. It's such a simple concept but I think the hefty textures and dramatic movement really make a strong statement. (Donald Martiny)


3   If you ask me, copper is the metal of the moment. This pretty DIY message board is a great way to incorporate it into your home. (Francois et Moi)  |  4  And if you (okay, me) need a little pick-me-up after your standard haven't-yet-fulfilled-my-dreams panic attack, you will be thrilled to read this post on wildly successful women who were late bloomers. (My Domaine)


5  I always love a new post from Alisa Burke's in-depth series on how to use different art supplies. This tutorial on crayons will change how you see that standard box of Crayolas.


I'm crazy inspired by this home decor.

An adorable succulent stamp set.

This flair has my name all over it.

How are we feeling about the changes to Instagram?

Coveting these sneakers.

This necklace.

And these sunglasses.

Design opportunities in your home that you're probably missing.

I love this DIY stool.

And am obsessed with these collars.

What links did you love this week?