Weekly Roundup 14/52

It's officially my birthday weekend! Let's start it off by celebrating my favorite links of the week! Are you in? Cool. Let's get this party started!


1  I would have never thought to DIY a filing cabinet to look like a public trash can, but the result is surprisingly clever and super cute. Don't you think? (Studio DIY)  |   2  I loved this piece on quirky textile artist, Kate Jenkins, who knits unexpected everyday items like sardines and sausages. Her life is focused, fascinating, and completely out-of-the-box. (We Are Scout)


3  One of my favorite jewelry designers launched a gorgeous seascape-inspired collection that would be perfect to wear to a beach wedding. I want ALL of those rings. (Melissa Joy Manning)  |  4  I melted over this charming animal-themed nursery room that walks the perfect line between designer chic and adorably sweet. (Cup of Jo)


5  I'm sure most of you have already seen this by now, but let's be honest, it cannot be watched too many times. The roller skating bit is comedic gold. And the end? I'm dead.

Want some more?

Have you seen La Ligne, the Vogue editor-founded line about lines?

DIY your way to organized jewelry with this earring rack and this ring sorter.

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Staying sane when you work from home.

Dessert quinoa? Yes, please.

The best news for tv.

I want this kimono and these new Converse to wear all spring and summer long.

While we're at it, let's throw in these crazy cool sunglasses.


What links are you loving this week?