Weekly Roundup 19/52

Here's a moment of real honesty: I have been having a very hard time blogging lately. Not because of a lack of inspiration or motivation or anything like that. It's come down recently to a simply an impossible lack of time. I saw the scheduling issues approaching and seriously weighed taking an extended blog break, but I just couldn't. I love what blogging brings to my life. It keeps me creative, self-aware, and is basically my favorite hobby. So what all of this comes down to is a simple apology. I'm sorry I went almost a whole week without posting recently and that these weekly links posts have been a different day and time for the past few weeks. But as long as you can stand by me for the time being as I continuously drop some of the balls that I'm juggling and have a less-than-consistent approach to blogging, I will continue to show up and try to provide some fun and creative content! And as for why I have been having such a hard time with scheduling lately, I also have a shameless plug for you all. You all know my HOWL design partner, Shiree, and I have been designing a collection for Alternative Fashion Week, and recently we also had a chance to interview for Fashion Week Columbus. We are currently competing for the last spot in the finale runway show, which is pretty awesome for such a new brand. That being said, we're not there yet so we could really use your help in voting! All you have to do is click this link and like this pic. Easy as that! This is seriously my dream, you guys, so every single vote means the world to me.


And now onto the business! These are the links I've been loving this week...


1  I always love a good art-over-photography concept and I thought these Luchador embroidered images by Rebecca Chew were particularly cool. (BOOOOOOOM)  |  2  This Marie Antoinette-inspired bridal shower is about as gorgeous as it gets. (Camille Styles)


3  I'm loving the latest collection from jewelry designer, Meredith Kahn, especially the suede chokers with interchangeable semiprecious beads. (Honestly WTF)  |  4   I was surprised and delighted to discover that one of my favorite blogs also has a YouTube channel. I've been loving following along with the #LarsFlowerChallenge, featuring a different flower drawing tutorial every day throughout May. (The House that Lars Built)


5  I don't have much to say about this video except that it totally hypnotized me and sometimes you just need that, you know? I hope the images blow your mind like they did mine. (Instrument)



A few more favorites...

Behind the jokes on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Between this one with Isaac and this one with Genevieve, I'm pretty much in podcast heaven.

How to roll with critical feedback.

How to talk yourself down from an anxiety spiral.

And, equally important, how to blow bubbles while wearing a mouth guard.

These are like a raging party for your ears.

Love these floral gift toppers.

This top couldn't be more perfect.

Favorite blog of the week: Room for Tuesday. I've been obsessing lately over this Ohio-based blog, which posts really impressive interior design projects and ideas that are both aspirational and practical for real lives. Love, love, love!


What links are you loving this week?