Weekly Roundup 20/52

This weekly roundup (especially the link from Fran of Fall for DIY) has me feeling all the self-acceptance feels. I think of all the negative aspects that are associated with the internet- mindless content, trolling, self-absorption, and materialism- I hope that more importantly it has helped us to make major strides in accepting ourselves and one another. The internet and social media, I think, has really switched the conversation to inclusion and celebrating individuality rather than such a focus on "perfection." Some of these links are the usual colorful creative content I'm always drawn to, but this week's roundup also has a running theme of personal acceptance. I'm into it.

  1  I've been thinking about these roasted strawberry oatmeal cups ever since I read this post. Plus they're (optionally) vegan and gluten free, so there are wins all around. (Hummusapien)  |  2  Have you heard of Coverstory, the exciting new boutique for sizes 10 and up? Founder Heidi Kan noticed that “everything that was available [in larger sizes] was either way too sexy or way too matronly, there’s just nothing that was very modern and chic.” Enter some seriously cool silhouettes and a dream store is born. I would love to live in this dress all summer. (Coverstory)


3  I've always loved Katie Rodgers' romantic ballet illustrations, so it's pretty awesome to see her Belle of the Ball print translated into sleepwear for all ages in a collaboration with BedHead Pajamas. (Paper Fashion)  |  4  I've never pressed flowers but I've always wanted to try it, especially when the final product is so gorgeous! This tutorial is really good and at the end you could have some really impressive new wall art. I'm sold! (Design Love Fest)


5  "I could call the Midwest for you?" Lol.


And Don't Miss These...

I so related to this touching post on how hard it can be to put yourself out there in the name of blogging.

The three questions to ask yourself when you're procrastinating.

I thought these over-sized house numbers were super cute.

Decor solutions for music lovers.

Lisa Frank Zebra Cakes. Enough said.

What is summer if your plates don't have a shark wearing a bikini on them?

A gorgeous new collection from Oana Befort.

I'd have to sell my car to buy this dress, but it's sssoooo cool...

As are these new Adidas wood slides.

And finally, #bloggervibes.


What links are you loving this week?