Weekly Roundup | 2/52

I don't know about you guys, but I'm still in a bit of a daze regarding the passing of David Bowie. I didn't see the news until Monday morning, after which I immediately woke Zach up with the news. With his eyes still closed he groaned, "Oh no!," after which I realized that is an absolutely horrible way to wake someone up. (Sorry, Zach. Try to still love me.)

I have been really devouring all things Bowie in the past couple of days. Rolling Stones published this list of 15 Great David Bowie Performances as well as this article about why he was The Greatest Rock Star Ever, calling him both "the most human and most alien of rock artists."  And of course there are countless articles about his massive influence as a fashion icon. CNN did a touching tribute to the Most Stylish Man in the Room. And I thought the tributes by Jimmy and Conan were especially sweet, showing the funny side to Bowie. Of course, there's also Blackstar. Have you listened to it yet? I obviously wish he would have been able to live and create for another 30 years, but if you have to go, just... Wow! What an amazingly brilliant way to leave the world.

Are you a David Bowie fan? I'd love to hear your favorite songs/movies/outfits/moments, etc. in the comments!


And now, the reason we are all gathered here in this corner of the old world wide web- my favorite links this week! Get your pointer fingers ready, friends, because you're going to want to get clicking...

1  NEW New Year's Resolution: get like 12 more holes in my ears and start wearing these super cool chain earrings by Winden. I love the architectural styling ideas in these photos. (Honestly WTF)  |  2  Red carpet, schmed carpet. I'm much more interested in the Golden Globes' stylish after-parties. (Who What Wear)


3  I'm loving the over-the-top direction in which fashion is heading this season and Gucci is approximately 95% to blame thank. As far as I'm concerned, the S/S 16 campaign is pure magic. (Visual Optimism)  |  4  How beautiful are these mini-masterpiece cookies by Holly Fox? There are so many amazing designs, it was hard to pick just one image. (Brown Paper Bag)


I could watch these soap bubbles freezing all day...

A few more to love...


Why you should stop asking people for coffee.

The art in this home is literally what my dreams are made of.

The most sentimental jewelry.

Nano-impressions of celebs in awkward situations.

Such an adorable kid's party theme.

This symmetrical Instagram account is like my OCD zen space.

And finally, PREACH! I need to put this somewhere where it will stare at me everyday.


What links were your favorite this week?