Weekly Roundup 26/52

Hey, pals! Can you believe that we're halfway through 2016 already?! I really can't. You know that saying, "The days are long but the years are short"? Well, I feel like lately the days are just as short. To quote Jessie Spano, "There's never enough time!" I was telling Zach the other day that I really want to get better at shutting off and enjoying time more instead of always feeling like I need to be productive. Like I feel SUPER guilty when I have a non-productive day, when really I just need them sometimes to rest and recharge- it's human. So I'm trying to focus on that a little bit more, to stop chasing time and just try to focus on moments. Especially with upcoming family gatherings, I really want to be able to JUST BE.

Are you feeling the need to take a mental break from the hamster wheel of life, too? Good because I've got a lot of distractions for you today. Take a little time and JUST BE with these little gems.

1  This living room took my breath away and the rest of the home is gorgeous, too. (Apartment Therapy)  |  2  Can you believe this artwork is made from curled strips of paper? I think it's amazing. (Gunjan Aylawadi)


3  S'mores are always cool, but these s'mores, with tie dye Fourth of July marshamallows, are BEAUTIFUL! (Studio DIY)  |  4  I think this DIY Matisse-inspired rug might be one of the most impressive projects I've ever seen. It's perfect for large-scale or hard-to-fit rooms. (The House that Lars Built)


5  I liked this original blog post a few years back, but Tim Urban's presentation makes it even better. So funny and so, so relatable.

Want a few more...?

I saw so many great party ideas this week. This hip-hop birthday is my new personal life goal.

Plus, THE MOST adorable party for an equally adorable two-year-old.

And the most brilliant idea ever: the pity party.

A coffee table book about butts.

I love these short + sophisticated names for a baby girl.

On my radar: tie-dyed t-shirts and short-sleeved jackets.

Loving Lucy Hale's new 'do (and that lipstick).

Oh Joy!'s Summer Target collection is so good.

The prettiest and the coolest shoes for your Fourth.

And have you seen @fashiondads? Because it's a national treasure.


What are your fave links this week?