Weekly Roundup 4/52

Wow! I have had a tech-disaster of a week. I haven't posted since last week's roundup because I was dealing with server issues. I wasn't able to login to my site or even load the page. Any bloggers/site owners out there who are fellow DIY tech novices, you know how crazy frustrating and complicated site problems can be. I believe everything looked normal from the reader's end over the past few days, but if it hasn't I apologize. Everything should finally be back to normal now, so I guess that means it's time for some links, right?!  

1  I never get sick of the surrealist trend and I thought these DIY eyeball placemats and hand napkin rings were such a great take on the style. Wouldn't they be great for an art-themed party? (The House that Lars Built)  |  2  And while we're talking about art parties, how about serving up these DIY spiked lollipops? I love how they look like beautiful ink swirls. (Sugar & Cloth)


3  Beginnings is a great New York Magazine feature on the breakthrough moments that led to major success, from actors to musicians, chefs to political speech writers. It's enlightening to hear their thoughts, feelings, and insecurities before it all clicked. (NY Mag)  |  4  Helene is one of my favorite go-to blogger gurus, and I love that she's sharing an insight into how she organizes her planner and her life. (Helene in Between)


5  Paris Couture Fashion Week is halfway through. Meanwhile I'm in Ohio, dreamily looking at street style and highlights from the shows. (Chanel, with its futuristic hair twists and sensible wedges, seems to already have a lot of buzz). For fellow long-distance admirers, this compilation, Paris, In Movies, by Candice Drouet, pretty much makes it feel like you're there... sort of. (Vimeo)


 More to love...

“You call it procrastination, I call it thinking.”

Pianos and their spaces.

Clever and simple DIY planters.

A thrift store dresser makeover.

Love these charming cupcakes.

If I was ever going to get baby fever, it would be because of these.

I think these earrings look like cute little marquis letters.

Dying over this dress.

And this chic sweater.

And this whole vibe.


What links did you love this week?