Weekly Roundup 6/52

Happy hump day, pals! Does anyone else feel like they are in a perpetually frozen state today? I can't complain much since it's been such a mild winter, but man, I can't wait until all work is done today and I can curl up in a blanket and watch Pretty Little Liars. Goals, right?

And while we're at it, why not cozy up with some hot new links? These internet finds are my favorites of the week. Enjoy!

1  I thought this DIY Wooden Bead Chandelier was gorgeous, but the best part? The supplies are pretty inexpensive and the process seems really simple. (A Beautiful Mess)  |  2  I may or may not have become hypnotized while looking at this list of the most beautiful cinematic shots in movie history. (BlazePress)


3  These incredible images by artist Pablo Thecuadro are made using a simple utility knife on editorials and photographs. They're pretty mesmerizing. (Honestly WTF)  |  4  The Laney Boggs of cabinetry- you won't believe how chic this dismal piece became with just little makeover. (Apartment Therapy)


5  Life can be tough. And also super cute.

Also into...

Major hair inspo: modern takes on styles of past decades.

This incredible giveaway.

Bananas for these earrings.

You've got to read the comments on this one. Lol, I can definitely relate.

Some incredible layering inspiration.

Get your skills on.

And Target has been killing it in the decor department. I'm currently loving this accent table, this stool, and these bookends.


What links are loving this week?