Weekly Roundup 7/52

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm nursing some killer sinus problems this week. My head is basically like an incredibly painful hot air balloon at this point. Luckily, between Valentine's Day posts to Fashion Week to the Grammy's, there's been a lot of internet gems to keep my aching head distracted.

Why not take a little break and enjoy them, too?

1  Whoa. These giant (and I mean giiiiiant) macrame wall hangings by fiber artist Natalie Miller are incredible and the behind-the-scenes look at the process is even cooler. (We Are Scout)  |  2  Aren't these homemade pop tarts beautiful? I really want to try making a gluten-free version of these soon. (Paper & Stitch)


3  Ohio in the house! I was blown away by this beautiful rainy day shoot from local Columbus blogger, Candace. That necklace, by the way, is made of FRESH flowers! So good. (Live Love & Read)  |   4 And there is so much to love and be inspired by in this unique, mid-century Cleveland home. (Design Sponge)


5  Another week, another hilarious round of Carpool Karaoke videos with James Corden.

Man, Sia is amazing.

"Where we finish each other's..."

"You know what I mean?" lol.


Plus a few more...

Have you heard of brain-dumping?

The all-too-relatable notion of idea debt.

Wow, modeling for Yeezy takes some serious puzzle-solving skills.

A new HP?!

I thought these were so cute.

Definitely making these for my bedroom mantle.

Lol, move it, football head.


What's on your radar this week?