Weekly Wishes #1: Goals on Goals on Goals


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I have been talking about/blogging about/obssessing over resolutions lately, but just last night I realized I might not necessarily be using the term correctly. I consider myself a lover of the resolution, but in reality I am a lover of GOALS. Is there a difference? Maybe not. But the difference in my mind is the creation of a tangible action plan towards changing your life. Example: I will do said activity x amount of times per an established timeline to reach my clearly defined goal. This is what I'm working hard on in my life right now.

As I'm sure many of you can relate, I am an EXCELLENT starter of life-changing plans, but my success rate declines drastically when it comes to finishing/accomplishing all my plans. And if you're in that boat, I actually think it's a fine place to be. Sometimes you have to jump head first into things to find out they're not for you, and every time you do so you're getting closer and closer to what actually is. And the beauty of that is eventually you will have a really strong idea of who you are and what works for you. But for me, at my particular stage in life, I know what I want (for the most part) and what I need to do and now it's simply time to get my butt in gear!

I wanted to share my goals for 2015 with you and, as a whole, I really recommend sharing your goals in some public manner. It can be a little scary, but it makes them feel so much more real. It's potentially a little embarrassing knowing that you will likely fail at least a little and everyone will know, but who cares? I think failure is awesome and crucial to a well-lived life! And hey, stay tuned for this time next year when I get to share with you all of my inevitable failures. :)




I'm really excited to start taking part in The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes linkup...

The Nectar Collective

... because I know reaching your bigger goals can only be possible when you are working towards them consistently. It takes a lot of chipping away at the marble before the sculpture can be revealed. So with that in mind, here's what I'm working on...


1. Update my social media accounts (also, figure out what in the world people do on Google+)
2. Clean out our closets to donate for the Alternative Fashion Mob clothing swap (message me if you are local and would like more info)
3. Kick off the Great Blog Update of 2015! (starting with cleaning up/fixing the sidebar)
And if you're also making some changes this year (or you just love a good to-do list), feel free to share your weekly goals with me in the comments. I'll be doing this every Monday- let's kick our goals in the butt together! :)


Until next time!