Weekly Wishes #2: Rooting for the Underdog


The Ohio State University means a lot to me. I earned both of my degrees from OSU. I worked for three years in the Theatre Department Costume Studio, where I discovered my talents and my passion. I've trudged through the Oval during the winter and eaten my lunch at Mirror Lake in the spring. I've experienced the overwhelming feeling of seeing thousands of people yelling the same cheers at the Horseshoe on game day.

Zach got the bracelet above for me several years ago when we were both Buckeyes and I've worn it on countless Saturdays since. I'll be wearing it again tonight as I watch the Buckeyes take on Oregon in the National Championship game. Now for those of you who don't follow sports, especially not college-level American football, don't start skimming yet because this is a pretty good story and I'll try to make it brief.

It's hard to call Ohio State the underdog- it's not exactly the first Championship game we've seen- but the truth is we just barely squeaked into the playoffs this season after winning the Big Ten title game and narrowly earning our number four ranking. After Ohio State lost not one, but two Quarterbacks this season to injury, 3rd-string QB Cardale Jones, went into the playoffs, only his second game as a starter in his college career, against the number one seed, Alabama. Here are a few of the opinions that were being thrown around about him before that game (from bleacherreport.com)...

"Cardale Jones will be maimed. Cardale Jones' head will spin. Cardale Jones isn't scrappy enough, and he hasn't seen pressure. Cardale Jones isn't a precise thrower. Cardale Jones won't process the changing looks of a defense and get his team in the right play.

The apocalypse is coming for Cardale Jones."

And then he won. And there's a chance he might win again tonight and take home the National Championship title. It's amazing to think about, isn't it? A college kid thrown into a situation with that much pressure and then coming out on top. And in just a couple of hours, he'll be facing that pressure multiplied.

It's gotten me thinking a lot about the classic underdog story. It's like we're all born to root for the underdog, likely because we recognize ourselves in them. We see their flaws and the uphill battle that they're facing and we hope they overcome them, because it's a bit of encouragement that we can, too.

And so this week, for my weekly wishes linkup, I'm focusing on goals that really present a struggle for me. Things that are kind of a daily battle for me to change. I've been trying really hard to organize my life and schedule this year as well as get healthier. It may not seem hard to most, but I'm pretty sure my biggest fear in life is boredom. The misery of standing still and feeling trapped. I need change, like all the time. So while I know that having a regular sleep schedule and diet/exercise plan would help me so much as far as production and overall happiness, I can never actually accomplish the task 100%. I seem hard-wired to reject its unchanging nature.

But let's get real, if a college sophomore can face the pressure of the nation tonight, I can at least make myself go to bed at a human hour and get my workouts in, right? That's what I'm focusing on this week when I undoubtedly start to feel miserably chained to my schedule. And hopefully I will muscle through. Here are my goals as well as a little recap from last week...


1. Update my social media accounts (also, figure out what in the world people do on Google+)
Done, done, and done! (Although still unsure about Google+)
2. Clean out our closets to donate
I have done some of this, but overall it's still a mission and work in progress...
3. Kick off the Great Blog Update of 2015! (starting with cleaning up/fixing the sidebar)
I spent a very frustrating amount of time changing by social media icons. I also added the new bio pic and a Pinterest collage. So overall, not a total Betty, but a vast improvement. :)


 1. Wake up and get moving! I want to wake up at 7 am everyday and have my workouts done by 10 am at the latest. (Honestly, this scares me so wish me luck!)
2. Plan ahead! Get 3 days ahead of myself on my blogging calendar and start scheduling social media posts.
3. Get social! I want to start a meetup group with old friends to help us stay in touch as well as a Mastermind group of local creatives, so I need to make plans and get both off the ground this week.
4. Continue the Great Blog Update of 2015! This week I am taking on my header, tackling the strange re-sizing issue I have with the site name, and reorganizing the categories- all long overdue.


Notice all the exclamation marks this week? That's because I'm trying to trick myself into thinking all these task will be fun and exciting. Oh, and a sidenote to anyone following along and thinking about taking part, here's how this week went for me: I did absolutely nothing towards my goals until Saturday night, when I realized, oh crap, I've got to get cracking on these goals. And then I did (for the most part) because the public declaration really holds you to a goal. So if you need a push, Join the linkup here or just share your goals in the comments!. You'll be amazed at how much more likely you will be to get it done when you've made it public.


And going along with the underdog theme of the week, what's one goal you always have that you never can quite seem to accomplish? Share in the comments, if you dare, and let's start tackling our fears together!


Go Bucks!