Weekly Wishes #3: Try, Try Again

(This Weekly Wishes series is part of a personal goal setting community where you can share your upcoming dreams and hold yourself accountable to achieve them. You can join in with me here by sharing your goals in the comments or, if you're a blogger, you can add a link to your own goal-oriented blog post at The Nectar Collective's Linkup.)  


I'm a total perfectionist. Nothing drives me crazier than the incredibly unimportant things like a smudge in my nail polish or an unevenly spaced to-do list. I even turn Zach's shampoo bottle sometimes after he's showered so that all the labels face out. Which is pointless because no one knows and definitely no one cares.

I also make big goals that are pretty rigid, i.e. hard to meet. And then when I miss one day or can't complete a task the way I envisioned, I feel like I need to start over with a whole new plan. The "perfect" plan for me.

So the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and I'm beginning to realize how much this little neurosis impedes on my progress. And even sometimes stops it from being started at all. So this week I'm really focused on trying to embrace my failures, a noble pursuit except that it was inspired by how hard I failed on last week's goals. To recap...


1. Wake up and get moving! I want to wake up at 7 am everyday and have my workouts done by 10 am at the latest. (Honestly, this scares me so wish me luck!)
2. Plan ahead! Get 3 days ahead of myself on my blogging calendar and start scheduling social media posts.
3. Get social! I want to start a meetup group with old friends to help us stay in touch as well as a Mastermind group of local creatives, so I need to make plans and get both off the ground this week.
4. Continue the Great Blog Update of 2015! This week I am taking on my header, tackling the strange re-sizing issue I have with the site name, and reorganizing the categories- all long overdue.


...aaaaaaand I'm still working on all of these. I've made some progress and had some setbacks. I was sick for a few days last week, which kind of threw off my whole schedule and saw me missing a few workouts. I'm working on the blog schedule thing, and doing better, just not yet as ahead as I want to be. I'm still in the beginning process of the meetup groups and I wound up stuck when trying to fix some issues on my blog. I did however manage to take on and finish a big cleaning project in my apartment, so at least there's that.


But now I'm sitting here reflecting on my week, staring at a whole bunch of 50% scores and trying to look at it as a positive step in the right direction. I'm making it a point not to let my progress be obstructed by disappointments, so I'm going to take on all of these goals again this week and shoot for successes across the board. Maybe it's taking a week longer than I anticipated, but hey, at least I'm heading in the right direction.




So my goals for this week will be for the most part staying the same, with the addition of two fun projects. I also have the added pressure of getting everything done by Friday so I can spend the weekend in Dayton with my family celebrating some of my favorite people!


1. Finish up last week's goals.
2. Start home "office" project. The one I started talking about way back in October.
3. Work on January's Illustration series. (More on that to come...)


And now I want to hear from you! Do you struggle with perfectionism? And if so, how do you stop it from getting in the way of your progress? Share your tips with us in the comments (I beg of you!).