Weekly Wishes #4: Just Show Up and Do

In so many ways January was really a bust for me. I get really amped up for resolutions and had big plans for changes to make in the new year. And then life handed me lemons in the form of two of the worst viruses I think I've ever had, one after the other, which meant, save for a couple rare "okay days," my entire month was spent sick. I had no energy to turn my metaphorical lemons into lemonade and my goals pretty quickly flew out the window.

I was feeling particularly foul this Saturday, even though I got to see my niece in her ballet class, something I've been looking forward to for weeks. As luck would have it, I ended up feeling pretty inspired by her. She's brand new to ballet and wasn't really doing any of the moves the "right" way. But at 3 years old, she has no clue about whether or not any of the things she's doing are "technically" good. She worked hard and payed attention in class and overall she just had fun. She was happy from the simple fact that she was at ballet class. And at the end of it you could tell she felt SO proud of herself.


And it was awesome.

So what if we, too, took off the judgmental filters we see ourselves through and just felt proud for showing up? I'm trying to let that idea start me on a good note this month. I'm not going to beat myself up for all the many plans I failed to complete last month. I want to start fresh and just do. Not even necessarily do well, but just do happily and passionately. Just show up and feel proud.


I'm linking up again as part of Weekly Wishes, a personal goal setting community where you can share your upcoming dreams and hold yourself accountable to achieve them. Join in at The Nectar Collective or just share your goals in the comments!



1. Get my February calendars going! I love to follow Hilary Rushford's Instagram Challenge and Cassey Ho's Pop Pilates Workout Calendar, and since the February plan is so beautiful, I think I'll actually print and frame it this month!

2. Continue to tweak my blog design. I'm particularly focused on sizing/spacing and fonts. We'll see how far my limited coding can get me this week. ;)

3. Update my resume. I've really been wanting to update my resume to be more creative, like some of the amazing ones I see on Pinterest. I think the time has finally come.

4. PAINT! Just show up and do, you know?


What's on your to-do list this week? Let's talk goals/fails/trying to be more like a three-year-old in the comments!