Weekly Wishes #6: All About that Mindset


(Speaking of this song, is anyone else still sad about the end of Parenthood? Oh man, such a good show!)


Last week I spent the majority of my time being a complete hermit. Single digit weather will really do that to a person (holler if you hear me, Midwest). But it turned out to be such a blessing because I got some very necessary cleaning done. Things that I've been putting off forever, like finding places for the contents of a couple of problematic unpacked boxes from moving a year and a half ago (I know, shame). I also organized a few storage spaces and moved the living room furniture. I still have a couple of things to do (hello, craft closet!) but I'm off to a pretty good start.

It really flipped a switch for me because I realized that with fewer things on my to-do list, I was actually able to accomplish things with which I had been really struggling. I mean, So many weeks' to-do lists had seen those exact same tasks and it was like as soon as I took them off and gave myself some freedom, poof! I finally found my motivation. I'm definitely going to keep this theory in mind over the next couple of weeks, mainly that scheduled leisure/self-care actually promotes productivity. Plus, with a new clutter-free state of mind, I'm hoping to finally get a kick start on some of the swarms of creative projects flying around in my head.


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I'm linking up again as part of Weekly Wishes, a personal goal setting community where you can share your upcoming dreams and hold yourself accountable to achieve them. Join in at The Nectar Collective or just share your goals in the comments!



1. Continue my efforts from last week: sticking to the Blogilates workout calendar, painting daily, and taking time for myself to help figure out my end goal (progress is coming along nicely with this one, by the way. Hopefully I can share more soon.)

2. Finish my cleaning goals, which are basically to finish deep cleaning and reorganizing my whole apartment.

3. Get dressed! Silly I know, but some of you who work from home or are stay-at-home moms can probably relate- I look horrible 90% of all the time. And I believe, no matter how enticing it is, that feeling sloppy is very bad for the spirit. And apparently wearing actual pants and shoes helps to increase productivity. Who knew? Okay everyone did, but the struggle is real here. I'm giving myself one more glorious sweatpants and slippers day (hey, it is a holiday after all), and then I'm forcing myself to get up and get ready before I start working the rest of the week. If you need some motivation with the same problem, I think the Dean Street Society style challenge is pretty helpful to get you thinking outside of your wardrobe box. I also am going to try these Easy Ways to Update your Look This Week from The Zoe Report. I am currently sporting today's hybrid pony and NOT pulling it off, haha, so here's hoping the rest of the week goes better!


So you can see, this week is still very light as far as "goals" go, but I'm hoping that continuing last week's trend will help me tackle the bigger things anyway.

What's your take on my less is more approach to goals? Am I on a radical new path to genius or about to crash and burn? Share your insight (and your goals!) in the comments.