Weekly Wishes #9: March Kickoff

I am becoming a serious broken record with this one, but I have been sick AGAIN this week. The third bout of illness since the New Year's, and I'm not talking the sniffles here. I'm talking knock me on my butt for days sicknesses. It all started when I visited my family in Dayton this past weekend. Both my big sis and our cousin's daughter had birthdays to celebrate so we all got together and had a joint party at one of our favorite local restaurants. And they both conveniently matched their cake...

image2 (1)

And then as seems to be the trend when visiting my sister, these two little ones generously shared their germs with me and I have again been out of commission for the majority of the week. Who would ever think such cute little things could cause so much misery?

image4 (1) image3 (1)

I'm starting to think when I have children of my own, I'll have to hire a live-in nurse just for myself.

But lateness and productivity pitfalls aside, I'm excited as always for a new month and setting out some clear goals. Last month I experimented a little with giving myself some slack in the to-do list department and it paid off in some surprising ways. I got so many cleaning projects done and therefore prevented a chaos-induced nervous breakdown, but now I'm really ready to get back into a more structured schedule. And for me, that always starts with setting goals!



+ start office redesign (this one's been on my list for a looong time)

+ read at least 3 books (my list so far: Make It Happen, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and An American Tragedy from my All-Time 100 Novels list)

+ do the Blogilates March Workout Schedule and 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge (I'm already behind on this from being sick but it is crucial to how I feel so I'm hoping to catch up quickly!)

+ Post on Instagram daily (a continued goal- this is by far my favorite social media platform but I have a hard time being a regular presence on it myself)

+ paint a watercolor series (this was originally part of my New Year's goals and I've yet to do it so I'm hoping the third month's the charm!)

+ implement an entirely new blog theme (yay!)

+ plan (and hopefully hold) the two meet-ups I've been in the process of planning (more on those to come)



+ decide on a color palette and inspiration for office makeover

+ pick up my March reads

+ catch up on the Blogilates workout schedule

+ Post on Instagram everyday (again playing catch up here)

+ officially schedule meetups



Do you have any goals you want to tackle this month? Share them in the comments so I can root for you!