What to Wear to a Fashion Show (When You're Not Olivia Palermo)



If you are even a tiny bit interested in fashion, it's likely that your emails and newsfeeds have been abuzz this past week with #NYFW updates. And while the Big Apple's shows wrapped, the fashion events here in Columbus were just being set in motion with last night's Rowe Boutique fashion show. I couldn't attend because of work (cue emoji tears), but just seeing the pictures on Rowe Boutique's Instagram has gotten me really excited about the kickoff of the Columbus fashion season, with upcoming events like next week's Easton Fashion Night and the UA Fashion Show/Gala, and then, of course, the fashion event of the year, CMH Fashion Week in October!

Fashion shows can be so much fun, but I've realized lately that for a lot of us who don't live in New York or have designer budgets, the thought of attending a high-fashion event might sound exciting but can also induce some style-related anxiety. I mean, if you live in the midwest and work at a school or a bank or in any other more modestly-dressed fields, the thought of having a fashion-forward cocktail ensemble might be a little out of your comfort zone. So with this post I'm really hoping to give you some outfit ideas that work for any fashion-related events, and hopefully might help to ease any stresses that might come along with them.


First up is a pretty obvious choice: GO BOLD! If you've always wanted to wear a fringe skirt or a fur clutch, this is the time to spread those fashionable peacocking feathers. Any statement piece you've been drawn towards but didn't think you had anywhere to wear it to, by all means, go for it- this is your moment! Be daring, be creative, be weird, and overall, just be you. The fashion crowd really digs that.


jacket  |  earrings  |   top  |  lipstick  |  skirt  |  shoes  |  bag


But maybe being you has absolutely nothing to do with making trendy statements, and that's perfectly fine. If you are much happier as a silent observer than posing on the red carpet, then by all means, keep it simple! Minimalism is not only a major trend right now, but being ever-so-slightly under dressed is always cool, and in fact, people might even mistake you for an editor. Keep your look chic and smart and you can do no wrong.


jacket  |  pants  |  bracelet  |  nail polish  |  bag  |  shoes


And lastly, when in doubt: stick with the classics! Wear your most flattering LBD with some always-on-trend accessories, like leopard pumps and a statement necklace, and you're good to go. No one in the history of the world has ever been hated on for wearing a simple black cocktail dress. No matter the who/what/when/or wheres of the event, it just works. Every time.


jacket  |  dress  |  necklace  |  lipstick  |  bag  |  shoes


And while I hope these outfits give you some inspiration for your own wardrobe, the real advice here is basic (and a little annoying): just wear whatever you love. TV and movies have given the fashion industry this reputation of being really snobby and judgmental, but I find it to actually be quite the opposite. If you have a high-fashion event coming up, obviously try to look your best, but past that- I promise- no one is judging you the way you might imagine. The fashion crowd, and creative people in general, can actually be some of the most open-minded, accepting people in the world. So just do you and you'll fit right in! :)

But now I want to hear from you! Would you wear any of these looks? What are your most fashionable go-to's? Share your ideas with us in the comments!