What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: Mad Men Style

Sometimes dressing for a wedding in the middle of the summer can be tricky. For one, there are obvious codes of dress (modesty, formality, etc.) that need to be recognized. So not only do you have to meet those guidelines, but you also have to come up with something suitable for the hot and humid weather and that you haven't already worn to two other weddings this season. It can be easy to get into a rut, throwing on the same style you always go for or just wearing your most wedding-appropriate work dress. And I get that. But sometimes a little push into a different style direction can make a great celebration all the more memorable.

This year I've found some perfect wedding inspiration in the fabulously-styled ladies of Mad Men (seriously, what will I do when the show ends this season?!). There's a reason we all love the costumes on this show so much: they're timeless. They're also incredibly varied. So whether you're a traditionalist like Betty or a vixen like Joan, there's a look here for your own personal style.


dress | eyeliner | necklace | bag | shoes

Megan has been the obvious style star for the past couple of seasons and her recent move to L.A. has only amplified it. Every bit the trendsetter, her look is chic and ahead of its time. She shows lots of legs and sports some major winged-out liner. This look is perfect for the wedding-goer who wants to look flirty and catch some attention!


earrings | dress | lip balm | shoes | bag

For as flawed as she is, anyone who's been invested since Season 1 has to love Betty. Her style is feminine and classic, never straying very far from the 50s-era silhouettes. It's rare that Betty isn't seen in a pastel or a floral, or both, and she's always polished from head to toe. This is the perfect look for a classic girl who wants to impress her date just as much as her grandmother.


dress | bracelet | lipstick | bag | shoes

Though she's not generally considered the show's fashion icon, Peggy's style is both modern and daring. She defies the fashion rules of the times, opting for menswear-inspired prints and colors in mod silhouettes. This graphic drop-waist dress with t-shirt sleeves is perfect for the girl who wants to look cute and standout while remaining comfortable and casual.


earrings | dress | lip polish | shoes | bag

If there's one thing Joan knows for sure, it's how to dress to catch a man's eye. She knows that the best way to show off her assets are in figure-hugging silhouettes and vivid jewel tones, and she rarely strays from that combination. A classic fitted dress with sexy accessories are perfect for the girl who is always on the prowl.


dress | earrings | illuminator | bag | shoes

Though far from the obvious choice, another standout for me this season is Margaret, aka Marigold. Her move to the hippie commune (while much dirtier than I would recommend) has brought out the most beautiful glowing quality to a girl I barely noticed in prior seasons. Embrace your inner hippie glow in a easy summer maxi made wedding-ready with glitzy gold accessories and some bronze shimmer.
So which Mad Men lady's style would you steal? I'm always a sucker for the bohemian look, but I'm surprised to say I have to go with Peggy on this one. Tell me whose look you love and whose you don't  in the comments section!